Circular finance
to nurture us and nature

What is this about? Read on...

A bright, reflective sphere of water between two rocks by sea shore. An Unsplash image by Tim Huyghe.

Lumoin is a new type of circular investment banking company

Our co-creation tools and plug-and-play protocol design make it possible for you and your community to circulate built environment materials and finance the adaptation and mitigation projects we need. Our designs work well with blockchain protocols. We can turn future waste to stock today. We can create liquidity into green, or circular project financing. We can build our food, water and biodiversity projects and reduce energy poverty.

We have already built prototypes and proved the ideas are technically feasible. The ideas have attracted interest in numerous hackathons with Asian Development Bank, UNTIL and Finnish national research organization (VTT) (a Finnish research institute) with Ministry of Environment of Finland and others.

Today about half of the 7.7 billion people live in urban areas. By 2050 over two thirds of 11.2 billion people in urban areas. At the same time materials consumption is projected to double to ninety billion tons by 2050. Nearly 80% of world's energy, natural resources and anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions will happen in cities. Much of the materials and with them embodied energy, water, nature, and labor is lost. This is unjust and immoral.

We are looking for people with their heart and mind to work for more hopeful, just, and livable future. Life is rare and fragile. We must nurture it to prosper.